Parts Washing Baskets

Here’s a little bit of metal fabulous-ness we created this week…

These are heavy duty parts washing baskets, made for a Windsor, Ontario machine shop.

Parts Washings Baskets Fabrication Windsor On Sunset Metal Fab

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Break Wall Repair

We were pleased to be contracted to perform break wall repair in southwestern Ontario.


Dock break wall repair Windsor Essex Leamington Wheatley Lakeshore Ontario Before


Dock Break Wall Repair Windsor Essex Wheatley Lakeshore Ontario After (1)Dock Break Wall Repair Windsor Essex Wheatley Lakeshore Ontario After (1)

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Wrought Iron Chandelier – Work in Progress

Yes, we’re known for our commercial and industrial metal fabrication, but we also do lots of residential projects as well.

We love to show our creative side on pieces such as this custom made wrought iron chandelier – a current work in progress at our shop.

Custom made wrought iron chandelier Sunset Metal Fab Ontario Michigan Ohio

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Stainless Steel Countertops

We recently fabricated and installed these gorgeous stainless steel countertops for a home near Windsor, Ontario.

Custom Stainless Steel Bar Top Windsor On Sunset Metal Fab

The modern, clean look of the steel countertops really work well with the stone backsplash and cabinets. If you’d like to update your kitchen or bar with a stainless steel countertop, backsplash, custom range hood, trim or accent pieces, please email or call us for more information.


One of Our First Fire Tables

Going through some old pictures, we found a few of one of the first fire tables we ever created.

Although it was made years ago, it’s still in use and in perfect shape. The fire tables are definitely built to last!

Some of our more recent tables…

If you’re interested in a custom-made fire table for your home or business, please contact us in the form below and we’ll get back to you.

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