Modified Column Protectors

You may have noticed column protectors around columns in big box stores, warehouses and factories. Their purpose is to protect the base of the column from impact with forklifts and other heavy machinery being moved about the floor space.

We recently were contracted to modify some column protectors to better meet the needs our our customer.

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Tilt Stands

We’re getting ready to ship out custom-made tilt stands.

Tilt stands Custom Made Windsor Ontario Sunset Metal Fab

If we can help your shop or plant with custom metal fabrication, please reach out to us: 226-347-9778

Rack Guards

We’ve recently been contracted to create rack guards for a logistics provider.

These guards protect the rack and material from being hit accidentally by forktrucks.

Rack guards - industrial metal fabrication Windsor Ontario


The guards still have to be painted safety orange for better visibility.

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Industrial Welding

Whether your shop or plant requires extensive metal fabrication or just a little on or off-site welding work, we’re here to help.

Welding on an industrial plate

We’re located in Tecumseh and proudly serve southwestern Ontario. Reach out to us for more information: 226-347-9778

Buffer Stands

We were contracted by a Windsor, Ontario elevator company to make buffer stands.

Elevator Buffer Stands

We’re here for your industrial metal fabrication needs.

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