Here’s an example of mild steel racking that we custom create for shops and plants in the Windsor, Ontario area:

Mild Steel Racking Windsor Ontario Sunset MEtal Fab

If we can help your shop or plant with custom metal fabrication, please reach out to us, call or text: 226-347-9778

So Very Proud

We just wanted to take this opportunity to state how incredibly proud we are of our daughter Dalia – through her unwavering tenacity and fierce determination, she has just earned her black belt.

Dahlia Black Belt Oct 2019

It seems like only yesterday that she began her karate journey.

Dahlia Karate

We are all so very proud of you D! This is further proof that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to!

Until next time,


Caged Rooftop Access Ladder

This caged rooftop access ladder is made from aluminum and will be fastened to the exterior of a building in southwestern Ontario.

Caged Aluminum Rooftop Stairs Sunset Metal Fab

If we can help your shop, plant, commercial or industrial building with access ladders, catwalks, platforms or safety rails, please reach out to us: sunsetmetal24@gmail.com

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Custom Made Fireplace Set

This customer was looking for a custom made fireplace set to match their own personal and unique style.

Fireplace Custom Made Set Sunset Metal Fab

We were pleased to create for them this clear-coated set made with wrought iron.

Whether residential or commercial: We Make Metal Work For You!

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