Custom Wood and Steel Pergola

We were so pleased to help out a Windsor area family with the creation and installation of this custom made wood and steel pergola (sun shade).

The quality construction ensures enjoyment for years to come!

If you’d like more information on custom and long lasting pergolas, please reach out to us by text: 226-347-9778

Splash Guards

We are pleased to help waterfront homeowners on Detroit River, Lake St. Clair and Lake Erie protect their shorelines with our custom made splash guards and wave defectors.

In progress:

Splash Guard WAve Deflector SMF Aug 2020


Lake Erie Wave Deflector Sunset Metal Fab (1)

Lake Erie Wave Deflector Sunset Metal Fab (1)

If we can help you, please reach out to us. Call or text Shea: 226-347-9778

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Help for Shoreline Erosion

This waterfront property was experiencing erosion from water coming over the old breakwall and under the old channel cap.

With the installation of our custom made wave deflectors, erosion now is minimized!

Erosion help southwestern Ontario Sunset Metal Fab

In southwestern Ontario, call or text us for a quote: 226-347-9778

Durable Dock Options by Sunset Metal Fab Inc.

Does your dock get beat up every winter by ice?

Wonky dock due to constant waves?

Are you tired of yearly or near-yearly repairs?

We are proud to offer long-lasting dock options to waterfront property owners in southwestern Ontario. Here’s an example of a recent work in progress…

And now completed…

Windsor Essex Metal Dock Sunset Metal Fab

Please reach out to us to arrange for a quote. Call or text: 226-347-9778