Industrial Stairs, Platforms and Guardrails

If you own or work in a shop or plant, then you know the importance of custom fabricated industrial stairs, platforms and guardrails. They not only are necessary for workplace safety, and protect valuable equipment, they also help with employee ergonomics.

Mild Steel Custom Fabricated Work Industrial Platform and guardrails

Mild Steel Custom Fabricated Work Industrial Stairs and Platform Sunset MEtal Fab


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Work Safety Platform

It’s true that we create a lot of custom made industrial metal fabrication. In an industrial workplace, there is nothing more important than worker safety – and that’s when pre-fab often just won’t do.

Here is a custom made work safety platform that we recently were contracted to create for a Windsor, Ontario shop:

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Safety Platform – Windsor Ontario

We recently made this safety platform for a company in Windsor, Ontario.

It’s made with mild steel for durability and is checker plated to help prevent slips.

Custom Made Safetly Platfrom Windsor Ontario Sunset Metal Fab

A significant part of our business is custom metal safety products for industrial purposes. It’s a bit of pride that so many put their trust in Sunset Metal Fab.

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