Wrought Iron Interior Stair Rails

The title says it all! We recently upgraded old, worn and out of date wooden stair hand rails with these totally custom made wrought iron rails.


The look reflects the owner’s personal style and we have to admit… they look fabulous!

If you’re looking to upgrade your stair, hand or balcony rails – interior or exterior – in the Windsor area, please reach out to us: 226-347-9778

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Residential Exterior Steel Stairs

Recently we were contracted to fabricate custom made exterior stairs for a home in the Windsor, On area.

The homeowners wanted stairs which were unique, durable and attractive.

We discussed options and they choose these totally custom made mild steel stairs. In the shop: before powder coating:

Before Powder Coating Exterior Stairs

Before installation:

After installation:

Exterior residential custom made stairs Sunset Metal FAb (1)

Exterior residential custom made stairs Sunset Metal FAb (1)

The stairs turned out fabulous and the homeowners are quite pleased. If we can help you in southwestern Ontario with custom made stairs or handrails, please reach out to us: 226-347-9778

Custom Stair Gate

Traditional baby gates (or pet gates) on stairways can be flimsy, unattractive and hard to use. We recently were contracted to make this gorgeous stair gate.

It’s durable, easy to use and looks fantastic. Please reach out to us if you’d like more information on custom made gates or stair rails for your home; sunsetmetal24@gmail.com 

(Video) Beautiful Balcony, Hand and Stair Rails

Check out this short video slideshow featuring some custom made residential balcony, hand and stair rails created by Sunset Metal Fab Inc.

Our customers love to choose their own design (sometimes with our assistance!) to best compliment their own personal style and unique flair.

If you’d like a quote on custom made metal rails for your new construction or existing home, please send us some details and we’ll get back to you: sunsetmetal24@gmail.com

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Custom Hand and Stair Rails

We’re so pleased to share some photos of our custom made balcony, hand and stair rails we created for a customer in Michigan.

You can see how our design matches the design of their front door – what a creative way to bring continuity to the style of this gorgeous home.

The design of the rails took a lot of careful detailed work.

The owners (and us at Sunset Metal Fab Inc!) are quite pleased with the result.

Until next time,