Jack Daniel’s Whisky Barrel Table

A while back I shared a photo of a Jack Daniel’s whisky barrel with a little custom metal fab, transforming it to a table and a wonderful conversational piece.

This is the finished barrel with the glass top installed. I like how the top of the barrel with the logo is still visible beneath the glass top.

Custom Metal Fab Jack Daniel's Barrel

I’ve already heard several comments about this barrel, like, ‘I want one! Where do I get one? Is it full? Can I have a full one?’

Although the barrels are only used once to make whiskey, I do know that real barrels are pretty hard to come by… if you’d like a full one – check this page out. If you’d like to view some fun JD products, then check this page out.

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Dining Room Table

Here’s a little something we’ve been working on at Sunset Metal Fab Inc… it’s a custom made frame for a dining room table.

Custom metal dining room table frame

It’s really going to look great when completed.

Until next time,


Custom Door Handles

Here’s a little something we created this week –

Stainless steel custom door handle Sunset Metal Fab


It’s a custom made stainless steel door pulls. Nothing like a little custom metal fab to add a unique and personal touch!

I hope everyone has a great week-end!

Until next time,


Happy Canada Day Week-end

It’s been yet another busy week here at Sunset Metal Fab, and we’re ready for the week-end!

This is one of the projects on the go this week –

Custom Made Metal Rack Shelf Sunset Metal Fabrication


It’s a custom made metal shelving unit.

Sometimes metal fabrication is all about function, sometimes it’s about beauty, and sometimes it’s both!

We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday week-end! It’s a great time to be a Canadian!

Until next time,

Custom Patio Metal Fabrication

This is one of those fun projects that we really enjoy at Sunset Metal Fab Inc.

In the picture below, we’re building a frame for a Pergola style canopy.

Custom Metal Pergola, Metal Fabrication Windsor Ontario

Also involved in this project is a custom made patio railing with bench seating. We’re really excited to see the completion of this contract – it’s going to look FAB. Sunset Metal FAB!

Until next time,


Busy Busy Busy

Busy is good! Busy is fun!

Here’s one of the many things I’ve been working on lately…

Custom Light sconces Sunset Metal Fab

It’s a custom made (of course!)  perforated light sconce for Happy’s BBQ Sports Bar in Farmington Hills Michigan.

Until next time,


Custom Metal Fab – Bar Edition

Here are a couple of pictures of work I completed a year or so ago at Sutton Creek Golf Club, just outside Windsor, Ontario.

unique bar top stainless steel metal

We polished the bar top and the front of the fridge doors to give it depth and a unique look. I also created the ’19th hole’ sign to add a little fun behind the bar. 

Custom made wine rack bar ideas sunset metal fab

This is a custom made wine rack which sits on the bar near the wall at Sutton Creek.

It’s really a beautiful bar with a great atmosphere. It’s been a pleasure working with the Hearn family!

Until next time,