Custom Made Fireplace Set

This customer was looking for a custom made fireplace set to match their own personal and unique style.

Fireplace Custom Made Set Sunset Metal Fab

We were pleased to create for them this clear-coated set made with wrought iron.

Whether residential or commercial: We Make Metal Work For You!

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The Honour is Ours

We’re absolutely humbled by the positive response from our dedication of our custom metal art to honour the Tecumseh Fire and Rescue Service.

We’re thrilled that it now hangs at Fire Station 1 in Tecumseh.

Custom Metal Art Windsor On Sunset Metal Fab

It’s truly an honour.

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Decorative Metal Wall Art

Here’s a project we’ve been poking away at recently. It’s decorative metal wall art created for a sweet little girl in the Windsor, On area who loves the sea and mermaids… and whose name begins with the letter “D”.

It started off…

Decorative metal Wall art Windsor on Sunset Metal Fab Inc

Decorative metal Wall art Windsor on Sunset Metal Fab Inc

Decorative metal Wall art Windsor on Sunset Metal Fab Inc

And is now completed!
Decorative metal Wall art Windsor on Sunset Metal Fab Inc

If you have any decorative metal art ideas that you’d like to see come to life, please reach out to us:

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Creative Metal Design

We love working on projects like this one, as it allows us to create a beautiful conversation piece that will last a lifetime!

This huge antique looking metal key now hangs over a fireplace mantel in one of our customer’s homes:

If you have an idea in mind for decorative metal artwork, please send us a sketch and we’ll send you a quote: 

Decorative Metal Art

Here at Sunset Metal Fab Inc. we perform a lot of commercial and industrial metal fabrication – but we also enjoy working on projects that really enable us to be creative and make something beautiful.

We were recently contracted to create this bit of decorative metal art: a wrought iron key to hang on the wall as art.

We’re here for all your custom metal fab needs! Please reach out to us for your residential, commercial or industrial projects: 226-347-9778

Custom Metal Light Sconces

We all know that lightening is important when setting a mood or creating an atmosphere in a home or business.

Custom metal fabricated light sconces can add exactly the right touch.

If you have an idea, we can create it. If you’re looking for suggestions on custom sconces – we can help!

Custom Light sconces Sunset Metal Fab

Drop us an email –