Tube Bending

If you require stainless steel tube bending for any commercial, industrial or residential project – we can help!

Stainless Steel Tube Bending Sunset Metal Fab Windsor

Please reach out to us: 226-347-9778

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Personalized Gift

I was pretty thrilled the other day to receive this personalized gift from the team here at Sunset Metal Fab Inc…

It’s a stainless steel spatula featuring a version of our business logo and has a reclaimed oak wood handle.

It was thoughtful, very special and meant a lot to me and my family.

(Now get back to work! LOL – Just kidding!)

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Stainless Steel Sign

We recently created and installed this gorgeous stainless steel sign and sign-in shelf for a shop in Lakeshore, Ontario – just outside Windsor.

We’re proud of how it turned out – it looks fabulous and is a great focal point of the reception area. Thanks for choosing Sunset Metal Fab Inc.

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The Stainless Steel Difference: Before & After

It’s amazing the difference new, shiny stainless steel can make!

Check out the before picture of a sad elevator door and frame…. and then the new, shiny, happy stainless steel elevator door and frame.

What a difference!

Whether a backplash, countertops or just a bit of trim, stainless steel can really spruce up commercial or residential kitchens, bathrooms or work spaces.

If you’d like a quote, send us a sketch of what you’re looking for: We Make Metal Work For You!

Stainless Steel – Elevator Edition

We’re proud to work for companies requiring metal work in elevators. Over the years, we’ve done several projects – and we’re pleased to do so.

Most recently we were contracted to refinish stainless steel doors, add trim work and match a button plate inside an elevator cab.

If you’re business requires custom stainless steel work – please give us a call, we’d be pleased to help you – 226-347-9778