Custom Industrial Parts Rack

Each industry has different needs when it comes to shop organization, safety and efficiency.

We help shops solve these challenges with custom metal fabrication, such as this custom made, mild steel, rolling parts rack.

Rolling Parts Rack Custom Metal Fabrication Windsor

If we can help your shop or plant with custom-made industrial metal fabrication projects, please reach out to us:

Industrial Parts Rack

More industrial metal fabrication by Sunset Metal Fab Inc.

This customer had very exact specifications for a parts rack.

Custom Made Assembly line racks

The completed rack is now used daily in the Windsor, Ontario shop.

If we can help your shop with custom-made racks or shelving, please reach out to us: 

Mobile Liquor Cart

This was a fun project! We created an industrial-looking mobile liquor cart from mostly scrap pieces of metal we had around the shop:

Custom Made Mobile Liquor Cart Windsor On

Added bonus… if your bartender becomes a bit weary from serving or hauling the cart, there’s a handy-dandy wooden seat build into the handle! Custom Made Mobile Liquor Cart Windsor On

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Steel Storage Rack

Here’s a mild steel storage rack custom made for a shop in the Windsor, Ontario area:

If your shop requires quality, custom made metal products, such as shelving, racks, abatement walls, stairs, inspection tables, platforms, risers, stands, guardrails, mobile tables or metal repair, please reach out to us: 226-347-9778

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Scratch Proof Parts Rack

We were recently contracted to fabricate a heavy duty scratch proof parts rack for a shop in the Windsor, Ontario area.

Not only is it custom made to the exact needs our of customer – this rack looks pretty nice too!

If we can help your shop – please give us a call for more information. 226-347-9778

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Industrial Storage Rack

A new year and fresh new custom made metal fab for your enjoyment!

This recent creating is a mild steel storage rack for a company in Windsor Ontario.

We’re here for all your commercial, residential and industrial welding and metal fabrication needs. Please feel free to reach out to us: 226-347-9778 or email:

Wishing you all the best in 2016!

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Shelf Supports

We’re proud to help shops and plants in the Windsor – Essex areas to be more ergonomically friendly and efficient.

We recently fabricated and installed these ergonomic shelf supports.

We’d be pleased to help your shop. Please reach out to us at 226-347-9778

Custom Fabricated Parts Rack

We recently completed the fabrication of several custom made metal parts rack for an industrial shop in Windsor Ontario.

If you require custom metal fabrication for your shop, we have solutions. Please reach out to us at: 226-347-9778

Parts Stand

We modified this parts stand to sit higher to be more ergonomically friendly.

This is a great example of custom metal fabrication helping industrial shops work more efficiently and be ergonomically friendly.

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