Custom Made Hopper

We’re here for your metal fabrication needs!

Here’s a mild steel hopper we were recently contracted to custom fabricate:

Mild Steel Hopper Custom Made Windsor Essex Sunset Metal Fab

If we can help your business, farm, shop or plant with custom metal fabrication solutions, please reach out to us. Call to or text: 226-347-9778

One of Our First Fire Tables

Going through some old pictures, we found a few of one of the first fire tables we ever created.

Although it was made years ago, it’s still in use and in perfect shape. The fire tables are definitely built to last!

Some of our more recent tables…

If you’re interested in a custom-made fire table for your home or business, please contact us in the form below and we’ll get back to you.

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Safety Catwalk

We recently fabricated a safety catwalk for a local Windsor, Ontario shop.

Mild Steel Catwalk Sunset Metal Fab Windsor On

This mild steel catwalk with grating is custom made, safe, heavy duty and easy to keep clean.

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Custom Light Rack

We recently made this light rack for the custom needs of a shop in the Windsor, Ontario area.

Improvements such as this custom light rack (LED lights included!) help with shop productivity; No straining to see in less than ideal conditions.

If we can help your shop with custom metal fabrication, please reach out to us:

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Space Saving Industrial Metal Fabrication

Space is always a premium at industrial shops and plants.

Our recent creation of a mild steel conveyor stand matches the needs for performance with a compact space saving design.

The bottom conveyor slides in underneath while the 2nd conveyor is on top.

If you require custom metal fabrication for your shop in Windsor or Essex County, please reach out to us: or call 226-347-9778

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Metal Wall Partitions

Creating these custom made metal wall partition structures required a lot of patience and precision.

Luckily, that’s just two of our many specialties!

If we can help you with your custom metal fabrication needs in the Windsor – Essex Ontario area, please reach out to us: 226-347-8228.

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Wrought Iron and Reclaimed Barn Board Doors

Here’s an update to a project we’re working on… although these doors look incredible old, they are actually steel framed with wrought iron accents. The wood is reclaimed barn board sourced locally.

These custom doors are┬átruly a ‘one of a kind’ and will look incredible when installed as wine cellar doors.

If you’d like information on custom steel doors, please send us an email at

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