Industrial Computer Carts

Helping to create more efficient shops and plants is one way we help businesses.

This durable, custom made, rolling computer cart gets the job done!

Custom industrial computer cart Windsor On

It also features a convenient pull out centre shelf.

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Mobile Liquor Cart

This was a fun project! We created an industrial-looking mobile liquor cart from mostly scrap pieces of metal we had around the shop:

Custom Made Mobile Liquor Cart Windsor On

Added bonus… if your bartender becomes a bit weary from serving or hauling the cart, there’s a handy-dandy wooden seat build into the handle! Custom Made Mobile Liquor Cart Windsor On

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Rolling Computer Cart

It’s pretty darned handy owning a metal fabrication shop. Very often when we need a piece of equipment, we can just build it ourselves.

As example – here’s a metal rolling computer cart, branded for us (because we’re fancy like that).

Custom Metal Rolling Computer Cart - Sunset Metal Fab

This handy cart makes work life a little bit easier. Sometimes custom metal fabrication is all about making a work day flow better. Have you seen our 40 second video on innovative ways to improve your life with custom metal fabrication? Here it is:

Have a great week! If there’s anyway we can make your life easier (better, faster, stronger) with custom metal fab, please be sure to let us know –

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