Industrial Computer Cart

This painted mild steel industrial computer cart is custom made to order.

Industrial Computer Carts Custom Made Windsor On

It features a checker plate aluminium top and 2 additional fixed shelves for maximum use of space and easy cleaning.

While this computer cart is stationary, we are able to custom-made carts that are mobile and have adjustable height tops and shelves. If we can help you with any custom metal fabrication in the Windsor – Essex area, please reach out to us: 226-347-9778


Mobile Liquor Cart

This was a fun project! We created an industrial-looking mobile liquor cart from mostly scrap pieces of metal we had around the shop:

Custom Made Mobile Liquor Cart Windsor On

Added bonus… if your bartender becomes a bit weary from serving or hauling the cart, there’s a handy-dandy wooden seat build into the handle! Custom Made Mobile Liquor Cart Windsor On

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Rolling Computer Cart

It’s pretty darned handy owning a metal fabrication shop. Very often when we need a piece of equipment, we can just build it ourselves.

As example – here’s a metal rolling computer cart, branded for us (because we’re fancy like that).

Custom Metal Rolling Computer Cart - Sunset Metal Fab

This handy cart makes work life a little bit easier. Sometimes custom metal fabrication is all about making a work day flow better. Have you seen our 40 second video on innovative ways to improve your life with custom metal fabrication? Here it is:

Have a great week! If there’s anyway we can make your life easier (better, faster, stronger) with custom metal fab, please be sure to let us know –

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