Custom Industrial Parts Rack

Each industry has different needs when it comes to shop organization, safety and efficiency.

We help shops solve these challenges with custom metal fabrication, such as this custom made, mild steel, rolling parts rack.

Rolling Parts Rack Custom Metal Fabrication Windsor

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Industrial Parts Rack

More industrial metal fabrication by Sunset Metal Fab Inc.

This customer had very exact specifications for a parts rack.

Custom Made Assembly line racks

The completed rack is now used daily in the Windsor, Ontario shop.

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Scratch Proof Parts Rack

We were recently contracted to fabricate a heavy duty scratch proof parts rack for a shop in the Windsor, Ontario area.

Not only is it custom made to the exact needs our of customer – this rack looks pretty nice too!

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Rack Repair

We recently did some rack repair work in the Windsor Ontario area for a local stamping plant.

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Scratch Proof Parts Rack

We recently fabricated a this rolling scratch proof parts rack for an industrial customer in the automotive industry.

The white interior is made of a UMHW (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene). This polymer is resistant to corrosive chemicals and abrasion.

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Tool Holder

Recently we fabricated a custom made tool holder for a stamping plant near Windsor Ontario.

After painting and installing:

It’s custom created for their exact needs. If you require custom industrial metal fabrication, please reach out to us:

Custom Fabricated Parts Rack

We recently completed the fabrication of several custom made metal parts rack for an industrial shop in Windsor Ontario.

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Base for an Ergonomic Parts Rack

This mild steel base raises the base of a parts rack to be more ergonomically friendly.

If we can help your shop attain ergonomic goals, please reach out to us:

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Parts Rack

We recently created this mild steel parts rack for a company in Windsor, Ontario.

If you’d like more information about industrial custom metal fabrication, please call us at: 226-347-9778