Dock and Break Wall Repair

If your dock or break wall in Windsor, Essex County or southwestern Ontario requires metal repairs, shoreline protection such as wave deflectors, splash guards or an extension, we’d be pleased to offer you a quote. Please reach out to us: 226-347-9778 or email:

Durable dock options by Sunset Metal Fab Inc.

  • Does your dock get beat up every winter by ice?
  • Wonky dock due to constant waves?
  • Are you tired of yearly or near-yearly repairs?

We are proud to offer long-lasting dock options to waterfront property owners in southwestern Ontario.

Splash guards/wave deflectors on Lake Erie:

Splash guards on Lake St. Clair

The difference splash guards (wave deflectors) make:

Here is an example of wave deflectors and a break wall extension:

Shoreline protection: Wave Deflectors and Splash Guards

We are so pleased to offer these amazing deck, docks and walkways in Windsor and Essex County: ThruFlow™ panels are a permanent solution for all your outdoor and marine applications… made in Wallaceburg, Ontario

ThruFlow Legacy Deck Windsor Essex Sunset Metal Fab (1)
ThruFlow Legacy Deck Windsor Essex Sunset Metal Fab (1)