A Big Accomplishment

No, this update isn’t about metal fab – we wanted to share the news about our incredible daughter. Her hard work and dedication has paid off and she just earned her brown belt in Isshinryu Karate.

My wife and I are so very proud of her.

Thanks for listening.

Now back to our regularly scheduled metal fab!

Until next time,


Support Technical Education and Growth in Windsor

We’re proud to have one of our employees, who is also a University of Windsor Engineering student, participating in a Capstone project – where students in their final year develop and implement a product design plan from conception through to construction.

Tony is participating in the Aero Design Challenge, where their team is challenged with designing a radio-controlled aircraft which can carry the heaviest payload possible given the constraints on power, size, and weight. The constraints and international nature of the competition challenges the team’s design abilities and creativity, enabling them to meet the challenges of industry.

New technology and innovative thinking are important to growing our economy. Windsor Engineering students are given the opportunity to develop and implement a product design plan from conception through to construction in their Capstone projects.

If you’re interested in supporting these students, please find more information here and here.

All the best to Tony and all of the U of W teams!