Wrought Iron Chandelier – Work in Progress

Yes, we’re known for our commercial and industrial metal fabrication, but we also do lots of residential projects as well.

We love to show our creative side on pieces such as this custom made wrought iron chandelier – a current work in progress at our shop.

Custom made wrought iron chandelier Sunset Metal Fab Ontario Michigan Ohio

If we can help you out with residential metal fabrication, we proudly serve southwestern Ontario, Michigan and Ohio. Please reach out to us anytime: sunsetmetal24@gmail.com 

Custom Coffee Table/Chest

These homeowners wanted a unique piece in their living room to serve as both a coffee table and a storage chest. They couldn’t find exactly what they had in mind, so they contacted Sunset Metal Fab Inc. We were able to custom make them this beautiful and functional table and trunk.

Custom wrought iron coffee table chest Sunset Metal Fab IncCustom wrought iron coffee table chest Sunset Metal Fab Inc

They are so pleased with the results! Thank you for choosing Sunset Metal Fab Inc!

Until next time,


The Honour is Ours

We’re absolutely humbled by the positive response from our dedication of our custom metal art to honour the Tecumseh Fire and Rescue Service.

We’re thrilled that it now hangs at Fire Station 1 in Tecumseh.

Custom Metal Art Windsor On Sunset Metal Fab

It’s truly an honour.

Until next time,


Honouring Tecumseh Fire & Rescue Service

We’re very pleased to be located in the Town of Tecumseh, just east of the City of Windsor.

We wanted to honour some of the hardworking, dedicated and selfless members of our community, so we created this wall art to for the Tecumseh Fire and Rescue Service.

We worked for months on this project, our team worked together, spending approximately 120 hours on its creation.

My family and I were so pleased to attend the Tecumseh Town Council meeting where the sculpture was given to Tecumseh Fire. We feel privileged that our work of metal art will hang in Tecumseh Fire Station 1.

Tecumseh Town Council Fire Station Metal Wall art

The honour is ours.


Shea Dun

Mobile Liquor Cart

This was a fun project! We created an industrial-looking mobile liquor cart from mostly scrap pieces of metal we had around the shop:

Custom Made Mobile Liquor Cart Windsor On

Added bonus… if your bartender becomes a bit weary from serving or hauling the cart, there’s a handy-dandy wooden seat build into the handle! Custom Made Mobile Liquor Cart Windsor On

Until next time,


Custom Made Fire Bowl

We really love creating custom pieces for families for their use for years to come.

We were pleased to be contracted to create this custom mild steel fire bowl.

Perhaps in the future we’ll be able to share a picture of the family enjoying it together.

Until next time,