Custom Industrial Platform

More industrial metal fabrication by Sunset Metal Fab Inc:

  • Aluminum work platform
  • Painted mild steel line sides parts product

Mild steel Side Parts Metal Fabrication Sunset Metal Fab

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Installed – Industrial Safety Platform and Stairs

We custom fabricated and installed this safety platform and stairs at a shop for improved roof hatch access.

Safety Platform Industrial Stairs Windsor On

If we can help your shop or plant with custom metal fabrication solutions, please reach out to us:

Industrial Stairs – In Progress

In our shop this week we’re working on these mild steel industrial stairs.

Industrial Steel Stairs Windsor Ontario

If we can help your shop or plant with industrial metal fabrication, please reach out to us: 226-347-9778

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Safety Catwalk

We recently fabricated a safety catwalk for a local Windsor, Ontario shop.

Mild Steel Catwalk Sunset Metal Fab Windsor On

This mild steel catwalk with grating is custom made, safe, heavy duty and easy to keep clean.

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Industrial Roof Top Ladder

We were recently contracted to fabricate an industrial safety ladder that connects one rooftop to another.

Industrial Safety Ladder Windsor On Sunset Metal Fab

Custom made, durable, functional and safe. We’re here for all your industrial metal fabrication needs in south western Ontario. Please reach out to us if we can help you.

Unique Residential Staircase

This is a work in progress at our shop.

Our customer wanted a really unique interior staircase with an “industrial” look to it… and we’re delivering!

Residential Industrial style steel Staircase Sunset Metal Fab

This mild steel staircase will really be a focal point of this home. The industrial look in residential design is a hot trend and sure to become a classic look in years to come.

Stay tuned for more updates on this amazing piece of metal work!

Industrial Stairs

One project we have in the shop this week is creating heavy duty, custom made stairs for a shop in the Windsor, Ontario area.

If you require custom metal fabrication for your shop, please reach out to us; 226-347-9778

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Steel Platform and Stairs

Here’s a recent creation of ours – it’s a custom made to order platform and stairs fabricated with mild steel for long lasting durability.

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