Safety Guarding

Protect your parts and your people!

We can custom fabricate safety guarding for your industrial machines for improved safety and ease of access. Just reach out to us if we can help you: 226-347-9778

Industrial Safety Guarding Windsor On Sunset Metal Fab

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Safety Guards

Here’s an example of mild steel safety guards that we custom fabricated for a shop in the Windsor, Ontario area.

Mild steel safety guards metal fabrication Windsor on

We’re here for your commercial, industrial or residential metal fabrication needs. Please reach out to us if we can help you: 226-347-9778

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Custom Guardrails

We recently fabricated and installed these 6 inch mild steel custom guardrails for a shop in the Windsor Ontario area.

These protective rails help keep workers and pedestrians safe while moving through the shop.

If you require custom industrial metal fabrication for your shop or plant, please reach out to us:

Protective Guardrail

Safety first!

We recently fabricated this protective guardrail important for worker and workplace safety.

Another example of when only custom and quality metal fabrication will do. If we can help your shop comply with safety processes, please reach out to us: 226-367-9778

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