Custom Made Fireplace Set

This customer was looking for a custom made fireplace set to match their own personal and unique style.

Fireplace Custom Made Set Sunset Metal Fab

We were pleased to create for them this clear-coated set made with wrought iron.

Whether residential or commercial: We Make Metal Work For You!

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Backyard Improvements – Custom Metal Fabrication

We are so pleased to help Windsor – Essex County homeowners with custom metal fabrication.

From gates and fences to patio railings and gazebos: we are here for all your residential metal fabrication needs.

We recently created these clear coated mild steel fence post brackets for a homeowner. These brackets not only look great, they also help to stop the posts from twisting or moving over time.

Fence Post Brackets Custom Sunset Metal Fabrication

These homeowners also wanted flower pots, but couldn’t find exactly what they were looking for… custom metal fabrication to the rescue! We custom made them these beautiful clear coated mild steel pots.

Mild Steel custom made flower pots Sunset Metal Fab Windsor

If we can help you with any residential metal fabrication projects, please reach out to us: 

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Industrial Trench Covers

We’re so pleased to offer custom metal fabrication to Windsor and Essex County area shops and plants.

These aluminum covers are removable, providing easy access to the trench below.

Aluminum Trench Covers Custom Metal Fabrication Windsor Ontario Sunset Metal Fab


Aluminum Trench Covers Custom Metal Fabrication Windsor Ontario Sunset Metal Fab

If we can help your shop or plant with custom metal fab, please reach out to us: 226-347-9778