Metal Fabrication Solves Problems

It’s true; quality, custom metal fabrication solves problems and improves lives.

Here’s the situation….

Good friends of mine are huge Cleveland Browns fans (although that’s sad, that’s not the problem). They enjoy having friends over to play their bean bag toss game (aka: Cornhole).

Here’s the problem…

While playing Cornhole, the participants need a stable spot to hold drinks…

Cornhole challenges 1Often their cocktails are knocked over by their dog…

Cornhole challenges 2They knock over drinks themselves due to an errant bean bag toss, or laughing fit.

Cornhole challenges 4After the consumption of said cocktails, scorekeeping (and sometimes standing) becomes a challenge.

Corn Hole drink holder and scoreboard 3Here’s the solution…

Custom made stainless steel Cornhole scoreboards and beverage holders!

Custom stainless steel cornhole scoreboard and beverage holder 1We’re so happy to provide the metal fabricated solution! This sturdy, weather and spilled drink resistant custom made stainless steel Cornhole beverage holder and scorekeeper will address and resolve all of their problems (can’t help that they are Browns fans).

All they need now is better weather (and a better football team).

Until next time,


(Go Lions!)

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